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Our Water


Xpress® Hydration is a proven hydration formula for everyday people who express themselves. Xpress® Hydration refuels your body to help sustain your busy lifestyle. Whatever you do in life, Xpress® understands the hydration your body needs to reach peak performance. With Xpress® Hydration you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, there really are no limits. Tell us how you express yourself.


We are taking Xpress Hydration to new Alkaline levels, where it will meet future technology enhancements. Our water is purified to the fullest via reverse osmosis purification. This process removes particles and unwanted materials to 99.9% purity and silkiness water. 


Making Xpress Hydration into Alkaline water, we mix in a proprietary number of electrolytes. Now, it’s pure and silky Alkaline water. We filter out bitter taste until we have this great balanced-tasting water with 9.5 PH or higher. A lot of pride and work goes into making Xpress Hydration, making sure you can Xpress yourself to the fullest. 

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